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St. Sebastian
South of Town

Sitges, Beaches

Sitges has more than a dozen town beaches, plus many more outside easily accessible by car, or in some cases on foot.

The town ones group roughly into manmade sandy beaches along the Passeig Maritim and a few natural coves to the north. The manmade ones are family friendly, often rammed with swimmers in summer, and run from Fragata (next to the main church) southwards to Terramar where the recently renovated ME Hotel serves as a useful landmark for the end of town.

In the other direction over the headland from the town's central church are San Sebastian (also very family friendly, backed by restaurants and cafes) before another headland and the clothing optional Platja Balmins. Beyond that is the Port de Sitges, where the yacht set moor their boats and hang out at a cluster of bars and upmarket restaurants, and beyond the last beach in the string at Aiguadolc.



Combines a picturesque location (next to the main church) with a great chiringuito (the Argentine-run Chiringuito La Fragata) plus access to a terrific lunch place at the end of the pier: the restaurant of the open-to-the-public Club Nautic de Sitges. You can rent surf, windsurf, paddleboards and small sailing craft here, too. We recommend swimming to the ladder at the restaurant for a drink.


Good swimming beach blessed with an excellent longstanding chiringuito (, a magnet for beachgoers from all along the strip. Terrific for kids. When waves come up it attracts surfers; when it’s flat perfect for paddleboarding.

Platja Balmans

Sitges’ most picturesque natural beach, with open views of two headlands on a beautiful natural cove, Balmans is also its most gay-oriented and clothing-optional hangout. Nice little chiringuito and, in season, a terrific seafood and tapas place with indoor/outdoor seating called La Caleta de Sitges (tel. 938 11 20 38) that does a deal with a bottle of cava or champagne paired with oysters or other small plates to keep you in good rhythm for the afternoon.


Though sometimes the “aigua dolc” or  underground fresh (sweet) water spring that gives this beach its name can create wet sand conditions, the waves attract surfers throughout the year and it is a nice break from the man-made sea wall beaches in the centre of town. Nice access to the Port de Sitges (the chiringuito game at Aigua Dolc is not what it once was) for sundowners and tony, upscale restaurants. Parking can be a bore, best to start the day early.

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