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Laboratori w T Bird

T Bird! He’s an A-mer-i-can in Sit-ges…

T Bird’s Laboratori
Fridays 22:00
(Repeats Saturday 20:00 + Monday at 14:00 CET)

T-Bird calls Sitges home, but is originally from Santa Monica, California. He has been a DJ/Producer for more than 30 years and spins all over the USA, UK and Europe. His group, Los Chicos Altos, has made tracks (originals and remixes) for well-known labels: Wonderwheel & Fort Knox (USA,) Katakana (DE,) Warner (ES,) UrbanWorld (DK) and more. T-Bird says “I play electronic, global, black music and even some rock—but have my own sound: quality music to enjoy.”

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